After initially being established as a newspaper in Chicago in the early ‘90s by an award-winning journalist from Latvia, Alexander Etman and his wife Emily, SVET Media has expanded into the entire metropolitan area and then nationwide to capture one of the largest Russian-speaking markets in the United States.

Since the beginning, we have successfully helped create advertising solutions for local enterprises.

We have the experience and the expertise to take your business to the next level by expanding it to untapped markets.

From a Newspaper to becoming
SVET Media Group

Founded with the life savings of our founders in 1992, the first Chicagoan Russian newspaper Svet has grown to include another newspaper called Saturday Plus, a 300+ page annual publication Eastern European Community Resource Guide, the SVET.com online portal, a radio program OSA Sunday Talk Show, ethnic social media marketing and full-service digital marketing agency SVET Digital to fit into the twenty-first-century business landscape.

We are the Outreach Experts You Need

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