Regardless of where you are, there is certainly a large market audience that you are missing out on. Russian-speaking communities represent one of the largest ethnic demographics in the United States estimated at about 3.6 million people.

Besides the communities from former USSR, our outreach includes other Eastern European communities such as Polish, Bulgarian and others. SVET Media is here to help you reach them all.

Expand your business potential by using the outreach and marketing services of the oldest Eastern European advertising and publishing agency based in Chicago and Miami, successfully operating since 1992.


Why Should You Reach Russian-Speaking and other Eastern European Communities?
Being hard-working immigrants from Eastern Europe and the former USSR, this population segment is notably lucrative, having a median annual household income of $130,000+.

Moreover, if you are in the New York Tri-State, California, Illinois, or Florida, which combined are home to around 2.6 million Russian speakers, expanding your customer outreach is rather a necessity than a luxury.

But even if your business is not located in those areas, community-targeted outreach is still a valuable thing to do for your business, especially in the era of social media and online presence, digital advertising and e-commerce.