Our Team

SVET founders, Emily and Alexander Etman, emigrated from Latvia to the United States in 1990. The well-known Soviet journalist A. Etman was invited by two largest Russian language newspapers in New York and Los Angeles. Still, he chose Chicago, the third largest demographic of immigrants from the former Soviet Union, to start the first newspaper in Russian.

In more than thirty years, the newspaper has evolved into a powerful multi-media company to help fellow citizens become successful in their dream country. This is an ace team where each member cares for and complements the other.

Zhanet Bartashnik, Natalia Solonyna and Natalia Kotlyarchuk are from Ukraine, Natalia Osipova is from Uzbekistan, Anna Duboiskaya is from Belarus, Emily and Alexander Etman are from Latvia. For many years experts, consultants, designers and journalists from the United States, Latvia, Germany, Israel, Australia, Ukraine, and Russia have continued to collaborate with us. We always work with leading industry professionals using cutting-edge technology and services.

Alexander Etman

Editor-in-Chief, Radio Host, Blogger
Since 1992

Emily Etman

President, Business Developer,
Community Activist
Since 1992

Natalia Osipova

Marketing Director, Networking Specialist
Since 2000

Zhanet Bartashnik

Chief Sales Director
Since 1993

Lana Becker

CEO SVET Digital, Digital Marketing Guru
Since 2018

Natalia Solonyna

Office Administrator
Since 2018

Monika Adanovich

VP Business Development
SVET Florida
Since 2023

Anna Duboiskaya

Social Media Manager
Since 2022