SVET Florida

SVET Florida brought three decades of experience working with ethnic markets, delivering them information, and educating them about various businesses and services.

The main goal of SVET Florida project is to help businesses outreach local Russians and other Eastern Europeans who live in Florida, also people who are moving to the area from the Midwest and other states.  

After witnessing the latest trend of many Russians and other Eastern Europeans relocating from the Midwest to Florida, we have expanded our company to FL to help our followers find the best in all essential areas: lifestyle, legal services, real estate, mortgage, insurance, healthcare, childcare, restaurants, home care etc.

That’s why we are working with the best professionals to recommend reliable trusted services to our people who live or are moving or investing in Florida real estate and business markets especially in South Florida.

Connect Socially

Our Clients

We have successfully created long and trusted connections throughout more than three decades of our work. Take a look for yourself: many of our clients have been with us for more than five years, some as many as twenty-five. Hope you will become one of our clients!